Our Products

Gravuur’s outdoor fire furniture combines skilful craftmanship with the little moments that matter most. The best stories are forged in fire. Are you ready to be the author of your own novel? 

All Planchas and firepits are up for sale. The Appetizer BBQ Plancha and The Legend Firepit can also be rented, to enable you to make the greatest memories and write the prettiest stories. 

The Feast BBQ Plancha

The Feast BBQ Plancha provides you with the perfect cooking space to prepare the greatestt of meals. When fully stocked with wood, the spacious storage space will always keep you supplied with more fuel for your story. 

The Appetizer BBQ Plancha

Great memories are often created around great food. That’s why The Appetizer BBQ Plancha is the perfect way to provide just that.

The Haiku Firepit

Strip away all the bells and whistles. Much like the haiku, this firepit is simple yet inspiring. No fuss, just a simple and effective way to create great moments with friends and family. Made with Corten steel, The Haiku Firepit will prove to be your story builder for years to come.  

The Legend Firepit

Due to its unique design, The Legend Firepit is the story builder that will stay top-of-mind for decades to come. Many stories surround this firepit, yet the best ones are created when its fire is lit. 

The Fable Firepit

Whilst simple in design, a book is often more than its cover. The Fable Firepit doesn’t just bring people together, it creates great moments that are transformed into the best of memories.